Bumbleroot as a verb


to Bumbleroot (v): to go outside and explore with no goal in mind; to engage in an activity with only the intention of fun and play

Last week, I was visiting one of Bumbleroot’s chefs, Matt, in Singapore. Matt is a phenomenal triathlete/Ironman and is on a cycling team that includes pro cyclists. The team hydrates with Bumbleroot and he told me that somehow they had taken to using Bumbleroot as a verb that described when someone would go out to ride just for fun, or the love of it. As in “I went Bumblerooting this afternoon…took the bike out just for fun and explored some new routes.”

I LOVE that this the Bumbleroot name is being used in this way.

I realized earlier this year that I needed more “Bumblerooting” in my life. I was working way too much and was losing sight of why I was working in the first place. I wasn’t having much fun and I’m sure I wasn’t very fun to be around.

I decided to incorporate a day of play each week. It took me a month to actually do this…I kept putting it off. But then I did it…I woke up early on a Sunday morning and left San Francisco, driving north. I wasn’t sure where I was going.

I ended up at the Point Reyes national seashore. And found a gorgeous beach that I had all to myself (except for a drone flying overhead). I later (through Facebook – it’s such a small world!) saw this photo that the drone took that day and love having it as a reminder of the day I spent exploring somewhere new.



Photo credit: Adam Mosseri

After spending time at the beach, I went into the cute town of Point Reyes and spent an hour in a bookstore and enjoyed a long lunch outside.

To be honest, the day wasn’t always comfortable…it had been so long since I had “played” or explored that I wasn’t sure how to do it. But I stuck to it and did another day of play the next week. And the next week, it expanded to a weekend of play…I’m starting to get used to play, really used to it. And the more “Bumblerooting” I do…the more work I’m getting done (without it feeling like work), the more creative I feel, and magical things keep happening.

I’m becoming a passionate advocate for “Bumblerooting”!

We’d love to hear how you go Bumblerooting. Hashtag your #bumblerooting adventures Instagram and we’ll pick our favorites to repost. Once a month, we’ll pick one of our #bumblerooting adventurers to receive a free box of Bumbleroot.

Wishing you lots of Bumblerooting!





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