Five new ways to drink Bumbleroot

Bumbleroot 1

“Put a lime in the coconut [water] and and drink them both up..” is just one of the ways Bumbleroot customers have been putting a twist on the tried and tested, “just add water” way of consuming our drink mixes.

We’ve compiled five of our favorite ways that Bumbleroot customers are drinking their Bumbleroot (and a few we’ve tried and loved):

1) Add lemon (or lime) – a little acid can bring out a lot of flavor and the health benefits of lime and lemon are great – while they are “acidic” outside of the body – in the body they are “alkaline” and can help balance our PH levels and counter the acidity we get from processed foods and meat.

2) Create a blender-less smoothie – there are so many things that you can add to your drink mix without using a blender – try bee pollen (one of our favorites – with the Blueberry flavor), cacao nibs, chia seeds, etc for a little extra something, something in your drink.

3) Try it hot – as in, boil up some water hot. Make the drinks into a tea – especially good with the blueberry and lemongrass flavors.

4) Just add a banana (and ice) and put it in the blender – great with all of the flavors – an instant, easy smoothie – kids especially like this one!

5) Make a cocktail by adding some vodka or rum – tested by a few Bumbleroot customers. Works especially well with the Pineapple Mint flavor.

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