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Bumbleroot Foods Launches Superfood Hydration Drink Mixes featuring the African fruit Baobab


Real ingredients (featuring coconut water and the African superfruit Baobab) and pouch-sized packaging provide a healthier and more eco-friendly way to hydrate.


San Francisco, CA — Bumbleroot Foods wants you to rethink how you drink. Its new Superfood Hydration Drink Mix features coconut water and the African superfruit Baobab to create a refreshing, delicious drink that’s loaded with electrolytes and antioxidants and contains 30% of the daily recommended value of potassium (that’s the same potassium as 2-3 bananas!) — all without the sugars, sodium, or artificial flavors that are standard ingredients in other hydration drinks and sports drinks.


Bumbleroot dreams up and creates delicious and healthy food and beverages featuring unique and sustainably-sourced ingredients from around the world in the most eco-friendly packaging available. Its first product — Bumbleroot Superfood Hydration Drink Mix — aims to create a larger market for the African superfruit Baobab which is harvested by low-income communities in some of the poorest and most drought prone areas in Africa. The company incorporates impact into every aspect of its supply chain.


The Drink Mixes

The pocket-sized drink mixes can be added to your water bottle to provide an easy, delicious way fuel your body and enhance your everyday activities — whether you’re at your desk or training for an ironman race.


And for smoothie lovers, the drink mixes make a great smoothie base to which other fruits, vegetables, and superfoods can be added.


And because the drinks aren’t bottled, you won’t contribute to the 50 million plastic bottles that are thrown away each day in the United States.


Three tasty flavors — Blueberry, Lemongrass, and Pineapple Mint—are available for sale now at and in select stores. Best of all, the flavors are provided by the real thing — real dried blueberries in the blueberry drink, real dried lemongrass in the lemongrass drink…well you get the picture.


Bumbleroot drinks are sweetened with low-glycemic organic monkfruit, a new ingredient that is making waves with its well-rounded flavor that require a fraction of the amount to sweeten over sugar.


Learn more about the product here.




The baobab fruit (it looks sort of like a coconut) comes from the baobab tree, which grows in some of the driest and most drought-prone areas in Africa. Also known as the “tree of life”, the gnarly Baobab tree looks like it has been torn out of the ground and turned upside down. Many of the trees are hundreds to thousands of years old. When the fruit is ripe, it falls to the ground and is harvested by local communities.


The trees have a mythical status in Africa, with many stories of magic and legend being attributed to these majestic trees. They are shown in the movie The Lion King as “Rafiki’s Tree’ and in Avatar as the “Tree of Souls”.


Baobab’s nutritional benefits


More antioxidants than acai or Goji berries. It blows nearly every other superfood out of the water according to its ORAC score. Antioxidants protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals.


Nutrient-dense heavy-hitter. Baobab has potassium, Vitamin C, and is a source of Vitamin B6, magnesium, and calcium.


Immune boosting. Baobab fruit has an incredible amount of Vitamin C with 3-5 times the amount of an orange. One serving of our Baobab powder (two tablespoons) has 25% of your daily recommended value of Vitamin C.


Prebiotic. A healthy gut is now recognized as being crucial to optimal health. You’ve heard of probiotics, but just as important are prebiotics which help that good bacteria grow in your gut. One serving of Baobab powder also has 24% of your daily recommended dietary fiber which aids in digestion.


Fiber-heavy. Baobab fruit is almost 50% fiber, half of which is soluble. Soluble fiber can help control blood glucose levels, improve blood cholesterol levels and heart health, help you feel fuller for longer, reduce visceral fat and slow down digestion. It could also help decrease the likelihood of insulin resistance. 


Bumbleroot’s Story


Bumbleroot was founded by Sara Andrews after she learned about Baobab and other nutritionally-dense superfoods while living in Africa.


As a former agriculture advisor to a U.S. Senator and a consultant on food systems in Zimbabwe, she wanted to create a company that connects consumers to the food they eat while improving the way packaged food is produced—all the way from sourcing to final product.


“Each day we ask ourselves if there’s a better way to do the things we do?” says Sara Andrews, founder. “Is there a more nutritious ingredient? Is there packaging available that’s even better for the environment? Are our suppliers being paid fairly? We’ve been chewing over these questions, and we’ve realized that there’s a lot of improvements to be made in the way food products are made and food companies are run. Our goal is to create a company that we’re proud of and that our customers are proud of too.”


“And we want our customers to have fun with our products  – we want to give them the opportunity to learn about new, unique ingredients they might not have heard of before, to incorporate new healthy habits into their everyday lives, and to feel a connection with the people who helped grow or harvest their food.”


Bumbleroot was born in Denver, CO and now calls San Francisco, CA home.


Giving Back


Doing things better is built into Bumbleroot’s DNA, and that means for its entire value chain too. That’s why the company created the Bumbleroot Fund, which reinvests 1 percent of its revenues into the communities that supply key ingredients for its delicious snacks and drinks.


Bumbleroot’s Superfood Hydration Drink Mixes can be found in select retail stores and online at