Rose Petal Honey

Rose Petal Honey

We love foods wild foods, and one of our very favorite wild foods is honey. Our friend, Becca, The Dabblist, shows us how we can enhance this sweet treat with roses. This is such a cozy activity for a Fall afternoon. Enjoy!

From Becca:

I like to add rose petals into my food and body care as much as possible. In addition to wooing you with their intoxicating scent, rose petals help to soothe and cleanse the skin and are known to support your internal digestion and liver with a boost of vitamin C and other vital nutrients.

And then, there’s honey – a beautiful, deliciously sweet gift from our beloved bees. Raw honey contains powerful healing enzymes, enhances absorption of nutrients in the body, and is super antioxidant.

This simple combination of rose petals and honey will add beauty and delight to your home. I like to add my rose honey to tea, drizzle over roast vegetables, and add it to salad dressing recipes.

A note about the quality of both your roses and your honey:

While they are both readily available at your local grocery store, it is super important (both for your body and the future of their species) to grab the purest version you can.

For roses, this means unsprayed (from the garden or a trusted source) and for honey, this means raw (unpasteurized) and local, if possible.

Rose Petal Honey

*1 glass jar of desired size (make sure it’s clean!)
*2 tbsp dried or fresh rose petals
*Enough raw, local honey to fill your jar

Add rose petals to the jar, then pour the honey over the roses filling to the top. Using a wood spoon or a chopstick, stir to mix them together, and seal tight. Let sit for 2-4 weeks {to allow ingredients to infuse}, then it’s ready for use.


Becca Piastrelli is the woman behind The Dabblist, and she believes in the practice of working with your hands.  Because, when we honor that primal desire to take raw ingredients and turn them into something beautiful, we experience a greater connection and engagement with ourselves and the world around us. You can often find her in her kitchen, crafting her own beauty and skincare products – everything from deodorant to lip balm.


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