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Happy Earth Day from all of us at Bumbleroot!

Over the past year, we’ve come across a few facts that shocked us.

Did you know:

– The agriculture sector uses 70% of our earth’s accessible freshwater?

– One-third of greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture?

– Food packaging accounts for about one-third of municipal waste in the United States?

The design of our food system greatly impacts the health of our earth and our bodies. And there are thousands of ways we can do better. Water use can be reduced by fixing leaky irrigation systems and growing environment-appropriate plants. Synthetic fertilizer can be replaced with organic fertilizer, compost, or manure. Farmers can cut pesticide use by creating habitats that support beneficial insects (those that eat the bad ones). Food packaging can be redesigned to produce less waste.

Luckily, we get to vote for the food system we want three times a day – or for some of us who really like to eat…many more! We can choose to eat more veggies and fruits (which for the most part, use less water and energy than other food choices), eat at restaurants that source local or sustainably grown food, choose organic at the grocery store, or join a CSA to support local organic agriculture.

At Bumbleroot, we’re working to provide you with more ways to choose a way of eating and living that is healthier for you and the world. In July, we’ll be launching our first product – a tasty drink mix with all organic ingredients. Coconut water loaded with electrolytes and Baobab, an African superfruit, jam-packed with antixidants (10X more than Acai or Goji berries) are combined with organic fruits and herbs to provide a delicious, nutritious drink.

We pack the drink powder in pocket-sized packaging that can go anywhere you go and can be added into your reusable water bottle or glass. No more plastic bottles to throw away or to get lost under the seat of your car. We source from farmers using sustainable farming and harvesting practices – ensuring that our drinks are good for you and the planet.

Best of all, we will reinvest in these farming communities by giving back a percentage of our proceeds so that they can continue to grow healthy, sustainable food.

We can’t wait for you to try these drinks and to let us know what you think. Meanwhile, we want to continue a dialogue with you about the choices you make to live a healthy life that supports a healthy planet. How do you vote with your food?

– Sara




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